Top Questions To Ask When Hiring A Virtual Presenter For Your Virtual Conference

Posted on: 19 August 2020

If you are hosting a virtual conference sometime soon for your employees, business partners, or others, then you might be thinking about hiring  virtual presenter services to speak during the conference. There are actually a lot of professionals out there who offer these services. If you're thinking about hiring one of these presenters, though, you will probably want to ask these questions while you're making arrangements. What Are Your Specialties? [Read More]

3 Ways to Use That Prickly Pear Syrup You Bought to Improve Your Diabetic Blood Sugar Levels

Posted on: 29 July 2020

So, you've heard that prickly pear cactus can help lower your diabetic blood sugar levels and make it easier for you to manage your diabetes overall. But how are you going to use that prickly pear syrup you bought to help with your diabetes? The syrup is sweet and delicious, so you could just enjoy a spoonful of it when you want to. Or you can top your favorite desserts with it. [Read More]

Suffering From An Autoimmune Disease? What You Should Know About Photobiomodulation Light Bed Therapy

Posted on: 8 June 2020

Autoimmune diseases are often invisible and debilitating. Unfortunately, because autoimmune diseases cause the body's own immune system to target healthy cells, these health conditions can cause far-reaching side effects that are sometimes difficult to treat. One breakthrough therapy option that can provide relief for many of these side effects is photobiomodulation light bed therapy. Here's a look at what this treatment may be able to do for you to help you manage your autoimmune disease symptoms. [Read More]

Elements That You'll Find In Counter-Assault Training

Posted on: 8 June 2020

If you oversee a law enforcement department, you'll likely organize many different types of training for your officers. For example, your officers will learn how to enter a building in which a suspect is hiding in order to safely apprehend the subject. Another type of training that you should arrange is counter-assault training. As its name suggests, this training teaches your officers how to respond in the event of one or more parties targeting them in an organized assault. [Read More]