Reasons To Consider Silicone Molds In Your Kitchen Or Restaurant

Posted on: 28 May 2021

Do you run a restaurant or commercial kitchen where you frequently mead or shape food into specific shapes? Perhaps you need your latest creation to remain in a certain form even while it is being baked or cooked in high heat? Today, more and more food professionals are turning to silicone molds to help them get the job done. Here's why using silicone mold might be the right choice for your professional kitchen.

Silicone Stands Up to Heat Better Than Other Forms of Plastic

Do you need a certain liquid or type of food to remain in a specific shape throughout the cooking process? While a mold will of course let you do this, only a silicone mold will let you heat what's inside at temperatures well over 500 degrees Fahrenheit without worrying about the mold melting. Silicone also holds up very well at temperatures far below zero.

Silicone Returns to Its Original Form

Another benefit of silicone mold is that it always snaps back to its original design. You can put a liquid or food inside the mold, begin kneading or working your hands over it as part of the food preparation process and even if you knead with force, the silicone mold will move back to the shape it had before you put your hands on it, allowing the liquid or food inside to retain the desired shape.

Silicone Molds Are Dishwasher Safe

The last thing a kitchen needs is another bowl or plate or glass that needs special care when it's time to get it ready for the next customer. For maximum efficiency, every kitchen would like to stick to cooking containers and materials that are dishwasher safe when possible. This will allow you to simply dump the item into the dishwasher and start the cycle instead of going through the trouble of washing multiple items by hand in the middle of a busy kitchen. Silicone is a dishwasher safe product and it can be washed without issue, allowing you to move on or worry about something else instead.

Silicone is Durable

Besides the part where it moves back into its desired shape, a silicone mold is also durable in another way. Silicone will not change color or suffer any other additional damage when it comes into contact with acidic foods. Certain types of plastic, for example, may permanently stain or discolor when exposed to tomato sauce for too long. With a silicone mold, that's no longer a problem.

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