A Kitchen Fire Suppression System

Posted on: 17 March 2023

Grease, high heat, and flames can cause a fire to ignite rapidly. A commercial kitchen should always be equipped with a fire suppression system. A system will respond quickly, preventing a fire from spreading and causing severe injuries and damage.

Water And Extinguishers

Water should never be used to put out a grease fire. When water is sprayed on a grease fire, it can actually cause a fire to spread. A fire extinguisher that contains chemicals should not be used in a commercial kitchen.

If a kitchen is going to be equipped with an extinguisher, it will need to be rated for use around food. A class K extinguisher can be used to put out small fires that occur in areas where food items are prepared. The use of an extinguisher alone, however, may not be able to handle a large grease fire.

A Commercial Suppression System

A suppression system is designed to connect to a gas line or a range hood. The connection points aid with turning off the gas or shutting off an appliance when a fire is detected. A suppression system can detect excessive heat. When excessive heat is detected, the system is triggered.

A suppression system also contains a component that is designed to put out flames. The fire suppressant is released when a suppression system is activated. This suppressant will be aimed directly at a cooktop or another surface where food is being prepared.

A fire suppression system will need to be professionally installed. The size of a kitchen, plus the layout of the equipment that is within the space, will have a bearing on the type of suppression system that will be needed to put out fires. A suppression system is designed to automatically work during an emergency situation.

A Manual Pull Station

A fire suppression system is capable of controlling many types of kitchen fires. In some situations, however, flames may spread rapidly and a suppression system may not act fast enough to put the flames out. A manual pull station is another fire safety product that can be lifesaving.

A supplier of a commercial suppression system may also feature manual pull station products. A pull station provides an end user with the ability to activate the suppression system. If a cook or another kitchen staff member notices flames spreading, they can quickly activate the pull station. This process will support putting out flames quickly.

For more information on a restaurant kitchen fire system, contact a professional near you.