Budget-Friendly Ways to Enhance Your Storefront

Posted on: 10 October 2016

Do you feel like your store's exterior is not appealing enough to those who pass it on the street? A recent survey has provided some insight on how important the appearance of an establishment is for the consumers. In fact, one survey shows that more than 50% of people will choose not to shop at a specific establishment if they believe it looks dingy and dirty. You could be losing out on customers each day if your store does not look clean or professional enough. However, there are some budget-friendly ways to make quick changes and easily enhance way your store looks.

Give Your Windows a Thorough Cleaning

If your windows are dusty, consumers may think you do not care enough to keep them clean. As a result, they could walk right past instead of stopping in to look at the merchandise. You can give your windows a thorough cleaning in minutes without using toxic chemicals. In fact, all you need is a squeegee, water, vinegar, and an essential oil of your choice.

You could mix a cup and a half of the vinegar into a mop bucket with three cups of warm water and 10–20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Mix everything together, dip your squeegee into the concoction, and then wipe those windows down. They should look completely clean and streak free when you are done. As an additional bonus, the essential oil will create a calming aroma inside the store.

Add Custom Sticker Details to Your Windows

Once your windows are completely clean, consider adding professional sticker details to them. You can have sticker details created in fancy fonts to mention some of the different products you are selling. If people have never shopped at your store and happen to walk past it, they could stop outside and read what the stickers say to find out more. Simply choose a classy font and a decent color for these text sticker decals before adding them to the windows.

Have an Awning Installed over the Door and Windows of Your Store

There are several fantastic reasons to invest in an affordable awning. Not only will having one help you conserve some energy inside your store by blocking out some of the sunlight that likely shines inside the building each day, but it could also attract more people over to your store, especially if it is neatly designed. You can even choose to have your business logo printed on the center of the awning for everyone to see.

Awnings are available in all kinds of colors. You can pick out one solid color, or you can select a specific design that goes with the vision you have, such as stripes or polka dots. Aside from selecting the color and deciding whether you want to have your logo on the awning, you will also need to choose among the many materials available. Awnings are often made of canvas material or metal. Some options are retractable, allowing you to open and close the awning when you want.

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Add Trees and Flowers Outside

If you want to make your storefront look even better, it certainly would not hurt to add some flowers and small trees to the front of it. You could place a small Ficus plant on each side of the entrance door. These trees are commonly uses for decorative purposes. If you prefer something more colorful, you could buy decorative floor vases and add some of your favorite flowers inside of them. Once you have added the flowers to the vases, simply spread them out in front of your storefront without blocking access to the entrance.

If you have a feeling your storefront does not look as good as it could, these are some of the affordable ways you can improve its appearance. You do not necessarily have to spend a lot of money to make these changes. In fact, a good cleaning, sticker details, an awning, and some decorative plants would easily transform the outside of the building, making it look more appealing to consumers.