Centrifuge Repair Is A Critical Process For Many Facilities

Posted on: 16 April 2021

Many facilities utilize centrifuge-based machines to separate various fluids for manufacturing or testing. These machines typically operate very smoothly for years without running into any complications. However, malfunctions may occur that will require professional repair. Understanding these concerns and when to call a repair service are both critical steps in this situation.

Centrifuge Malfunctions are Often Simple

Although a centrifuge may seem like a very complex machine, it is surprisingly simple in its design. As a result, many of its failures and malfunctions are caused by fundamental troubles with various causes. Sometimes, these problems are triggered by manufacturer errors. In other scenarios, they are produced by operational mistakes. Just a few of the most common issues include:

  • Not correctly closing the lid and causing the centrifuge to run improperly
  • Adding too much mass to the centrifuge and wearing it out
  • Incorrectly setting the centrifuge speed and causing wear and tear
  • Poorly fit parts caused by inadequate manufacturing methods

Whatever the cause of the malfunction, repair is a critical step to prevent long-term damage. Typically, a centrifuge manufacturer will have a team of technicians who can provide this type of care based on the centrifuge's overall design and the severity of the problems that may be affecting it.

When to Consider Repairs

It is essential to consider repairs to a malfunctioning centrifuge if it looks to be on the verge of failure or permanent, long-term damage. Typically, repairs help to prevent this problem by replacing malfunctioning parts or removing any other type of damage: Just a few times to consider this process includes when:

  • The top of the centrifuge no longer properly seals during operation
  • The centrifuge produces a loud whining noise
  • Separation no longer reaches the level that is needed for proper operation
  • Bearings no longer move smoothly or cause jittery operation
  • The machine stops in the middle of operation for no reason

When getting centrifuge repair, it is often possible to get maintenance as well, such as oiling various machine parts. Usually, a skilled repair technician can schedule repeated visits throughout the centrifuge's operational life to ensure that it doesn't break down and cause serious operational issues.

Thankfully, many different companies can provide this type of repair help. They will come to a facility and inspect a centrifuge to figure out what is happening. Then, they can provide various kinds of steps (such as bearing lubrication and part replacement) to keep the machine running smoothly.