A Labeling System That Is Suitable For All Weather Conditions

Posted on: 14 September 2020

Labeling within your warehouse is not limited to the items that are part of your company's inventory. There may be many applications within the workplace, which require the usage of an organized labeling system. With white or colored polyester labels, you are ensured that labels will remain intact, even when classified materials are placed within a frigid, hot, or wet environment.

Using A Basic System Can Be Costly

Handwritten labels or thermal labels that are mass-produced with the use of cheap materials may result in sloppy results, poor adhesion, and the possibility of labels falling off of shelving or products. You probably don't have time or money to waste on a classification system that doesn't work well. Instead of repeating the same steps and being presented with unsatisfying results, invest in a specialized labeling setup that is designed for use in industrial settings.

Because each industry is unique and your personal preferences involving the manner in which inventory is shelved or stacked may be different than those of your competitors, a universal labeling system that works for any type of scenario will allow you to get things labeled quickly and they will remain this way, for the duration of your ownership of the materials or products.

Labels Can Be Customized

Industrial labels that are weather-resistant can be purchased on rolls or sheets and you can decide how many colors are printed on the labels and whether or not there will be any lettering or numbers added to them. Maybe, you have some thermal printers set up inside of your shipping area and you would prefer to create some barcodes, which will allow for the convenient scanning of products that are being shipped from your location.

If this is your particular need, order thermal roll labels that are narrow in height and long in width, so that your shipping employees can create custom labels for raw materials and finished goods. Another option is to choose industrial labels that possess a unique shape or that have your business logo on them.

If your business involves servicing equipment during field appointments, your technicians can secure a label for each item that has been repaired. Labels that contain some blank lines will allow your technicians to fill in a date and time of a subsequent appointment. Industrial labels can also be used on your property, to classify items that are being stored outdoors.

For more information, reach out to an industrial labeling company.