Suffering From An Autoimmune Disease? What You Should Know About Photobiomodulation Light Bed Therapy

Posted on: 8 June 2020

Autoimmune diseases are often invisible and debilitating. Unfortunately, because autoimmune diseases cause the body's own immune system to target healthy cells, these health conditions can cause far-reaching side effects that are sometimes difficult to treat. One breakthrough therapy option that can provide relief for many of these side effects is photobiomodulation light bed therapy. Here's a look at what this treatment may be able to do for you to help you manage your autoimmune disease symptoms.

Inflammation Management

The antibodies produced as a result of many autoimmune diseases can lead to significant joint inflammation. That inflammation causes pain and discomfort that can be hard to manage. In many cases, autoimmune disease treatment fails to address the antibody production directly. This leaves patients with persistent inflammation and pain.

Photobiomodulation light bed therapy can help manage inflammation and pain as a result of autoimmune diseases. This therapy helps to improve cell energy, which increases the body's natural cell development. In return, those cells help to repair the damaged tissue from the inflammation and can also increase the delivery of your body's own natural mediators to reduce inflammation overall.

Skin Health

Autoimmune diseases can often reduce circulation, leading to dry, low-collagen skin and slow healing. When you opt for photobiomodulation light bed therapy, the light bed boosts your body's circulation, collagen output, and elastin production.

These three things will help to improve your skin's health, restoring its youthful condition. In addition, improved circulation and collagen production can also help to improve healing rates and minimize scarring, both of which can be problematic with autoimmune diseases.

Pain Response Control

Many autoimmune diseases lead to general chronic pain, both from the body's immune system reactions as well as due to cortisol response problems. When the body is under prolonged stress, as can occur with persistent antibody production and autoimmune response, cortisol management can suffer because the adrenal glands become overtaxed, leading to persistent pain and fatigue. Photobiomodulation light bed therapy can help patients to experience pain relief because light therapy can have a nerve-blocking effect on some pain response nerves. It also reduces the production of pain-inducing chemicals in the body, providing some overall pain relief for autoimmune patients.

Talk with a photobiomodulation light bed therapy provider today about the symptoms that you struggle with from your autoimmune disease. He or she can help you to find the right therapy plan and schedule to best address your symptoms and provide you with some relief.