Three Professionals You Need On A Sweepstakes Management Team

Posted on: 8 December 2018

Holding a sweepstake is one of the ways that you can get new customers excited about your company. Whether you run a small business or you have a large store, a sweepstake gives customers a reason to come to your shop, purchase products, or visit you. A sweepstakes giveaway can give away money, products, or even a trip. No matter what prize you are planning to offer, your sweepstakes must be properly coordinated before it is broadcast to the public. Here are three sweepstakes management professionals that you will need in order to help your contest come together:

An attorney to go over the plan

Before you put a sweepstake out for customers to enter, you must make sure that you are following all state and federal rules for the project. Many jurisdictions require that the sweepstakes be free to enter; others insist on certain types of record-keeping to determine the winner, the entries, and exactly what is included in the fine print. In order to make sure that your sweepstakes follow all of the local and federal laws, you will need an attorney to look over the plan. Have the lawyer cross-reference the fine print with laws that are on the books and certify that your sweepstakes is in the clear. 

Find a marketer to set up the pitch

Even a sweepstakes will need to have a pitch. People will need the ability to find your sweepstakes and they will need a reason to enter. In order to make sure that your giveaway is properly marketed, you will need a marketing agent to steer you in the right direction. The marketer for your sweepstakes should come up with your likely entrants, how to pitch to them, and how well your prize will be received. Having a clear marketing effort for your sweepstakes will make it simpler to attract a healthy-sized crowd. 

A team to run the entries

The sweepstakes will need to be appropriately organized on the inside. Once entries are submitted they will need to be handled by inputting the entries into the computer system for the sweepstakes. The internal team needs to ensure that the entries submitted are valid and that everyone who enters follows the contest rules. If there is a discrepancy with information on the entry, it will be the team's responsibility to toss the entry with an explanation why, or ask the submitter for appropriate information. The internal team will also need to keep an appropriate list of winners to hand out to the government departments, as well as entry winners who request a copy.