Organizing Your First Trade Show? Don't Forget A First Aid & Nursing Station!

Posted on: 13 October 2016

Hosting a trade show as a fundraiser for your organization is a great way to earn your monetary goals and bring awareness of your organization to your community. But it's also a great way to get a headache. There are so many things to do and take care of when organizing a trade show that it can cause your head to spin.

Speaking of headaches, it's crucial that you do not forget to set up at least one first aid station at your trade show. A first aid station can also double as a mother's nursing station. A first aid station should be staffed with an EMT to attend to medical complaints and injuries. In addition to having an EMT, here's what you will need to have. 

Set up a brightly colored pop up canopy

A pop up canopy is ideal for a first aid station. You'll need a brightly colored one so that it stands out in a crowd. Red is the perfect color for a first aid station as it is commonly recognized as a go-to color for emergencies. Even so, it's a good idea to have the words First Aid & Nursing Station printed on each side of the top of the canopy so the trade show participants and guests can easily identify the canopy from afar. Consider prohibiting vendors at your trade show from also using red canopies so confusion can be avoided. 

Attach side walls and a curtain for privacy

Designate the front and back half of the canopy. Enclose the back half by attaching side walls to the canopy frame and a curtain in the middle of the canopy so the attendees who visit the first aid station can have privacy, if necessary. Be sure to get a canopy that has a horizontal truss in the middle of the overhead framing so you'll be able to attach a curtain to it. If you expect a large crowd, an additional curtain can split the privacy area in half. 

Place foam tiles on the ground 

A foam tile flooring can help ease any pain and discomfort your attendees may feel in the feet and legs after walking through your trade show. Interlocking foam tiles are essential for a first aid station, especially one that is set up on pavement or concrete. This will provide a clean, smooth, soft surface so that your attendees will be able to remove their shoes and socks if they have blisters or other problems. Be sure to secure each tile with tape to keep the interlocking tiles together. 

Put in a few cots and chairs

Put cots and chairs in the privacy section so your attendees can find respite while they nurse their little ones or recover from injuries, health conditions, and/or exhaustion. To keep the cot(s) sanitary, purchase an exam table paper roll from your nearest medical supply store. This is what is used in medical exam rooms in most of the world. If your trade shows caters to parents and families, consider having a few rocking chairs placed under the canopy as well. 

Stock a cooler with bottles of water & electrolytes

Keep a cooler stocked with complimentary bottled water and electrolytes in the shade of the canopy. This will allow your EMT to rehydrate anyone who comes to the first aid canopy with signs of dehydration. Also, offer nursing mothers a complimentary bottle of water so they can be hydrated and refreshed as they care for their little ones. Don't forget to place a trash receptacle near the first aid canopy so your guests can throw their used bottles away. 

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