4 Custom Casket Options to Honor Animal Lovers

Posted on: 4 October 2016

Whether it's owning pets, working with animals, or choosing to support various animal activities, being an animal lover comes naturally for many people. It's only fitting that when a loved one passes away, that you would celebrate their life and the love for animals that they had.

One of the biggest planning stages of a funeral is select a casket. As you browse through casket designs, there are several different decorative elements to choose from that can speak of your loved one's connection to animals. Adding animal designs and features can be easily done by planning out these features and ensuring that they are ready in time for a funeral. Browse through four different custom casket options to help select the custom features you would like added on. In the end, you will have a casket that honors your loved one and their dedication to the animal kingdom.

Interior Panels

The interior lid of the casket can be set up in many ways to showcase a person's love of animals. One of the more basic design options is a collection of paneled frames. These frames can be used to insert images of the person's favorite animals. It can also be used to showcase pictures of the loved one spending time with various animals. The interior lid of the casket can also be embroidered. For example, you can embroider the lid with the initials of your loved one and surround it with embroidered paw prints of a cat or dog. Many funeral homes have sample caskets where you can see how these panels are decorated and embroidered to honor loved ones.

Casket Fabrics

Along with the lid, the whole interior of a casket can be customized with a specific fabric of your choosing. This is a great way to incorporate a variety of animal prints into the casket design. For example, you can add leopard print sheets into the interior of the casket. Other popular animal print options include zebra stripes, tiger stripes, or the spots of a giraffe. These fabrics can be sewn directly into the interior of the casket or used as a special throw blanket that is laid over the body of your loved one. The animal prints are a great way to showcase the person's love of animals and will make the casket design stand out. Along with prints, you can choose a printed fabric throw that features an image of an animal or a collage of various zoo animals.

Corner Plaques

A number of casket designs feature small open areas on the exterior corners that are ideal for corner plaques. These plaques are available in hundreds of design options and will really add a nice way to honor your loved one during funeral services. There are numerous corner plaque designs dedicated to animals. You can select four of your loved ones favorite animals and find a plaque design for each corner of the casket. These plaques are often created with a lot of details and backdrops to make them stand out. For example, a lion plaque may include a natural African background. A dog plaque may include a cozy background of a country home. Funeral homes may offer a variety of these plaques on hand, or you can order them through various online resources.

Casket Wraps

One of the newest trends in the funeral industry is the application of wraps to caskets. Similar to vehicle wraps, casket wraps provide a custom way to decorate the caskets and truly honor a loved one. These wraps are designed to fit on any any casket shape and can have a very elegant look to them. If your loved one took a lot of pictures of animals, then all of those images can be gathered together for use on a wrap collage. You can also select from casket wrap animal designs that are already made. This is an ideal way to have an order processed quickly for the funeral.

A funeral home can help you order and set-up any of these various features. This will make it a lot easier to get through the process and honor your loved one in a positive way. For more information on your options, visit resources like http://www.hitzemanfuneral.com.