Having Theft Problems At Work? Policy Changes, Stickers And Cameras Can Stop The Crimes

Posted on: 30 June 2016

Is your business going through office supplies faster than you want to pay for them, and you feel like people are abusing their privileges? There are some things you'll want to do to keep better track of the items in your office space that you pay for, and to help lower your spending so you can improve earnings and profits.

About 67 percent of office workers admit to stealing supplies from the workplace. You want to stop this if it's occurring in your workplace. Implement the following.

Release New Policies 

Send out a new memo and post the new office policies around the work space that warns people not to take office supplies home, and not to use office supplies for personal use while at the office. If everyone is taking paper and technological supplies that are designated for your offices, you are overpaying losing money. 

Label Products with Stickers

Have stickers printed that you can put on all of the office supplies in your workspace, so people walking out of the office with these items can easily be caught or seen. You can do this with tons of items, uniforms and more. You may even want to designate specific supplies to certain people with labels that have names.

If you have secretaries or employees with their own printers, you should be able to see how many documents they print throughout the month, with how much paper they use. If each person should get one container of sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer, label them items by name and use different colors for different months. The stickers can help you see who is overusing what.

Put Cameras in the Inventory Room

It may seem extreme but you should put cameras in the inventory room. You could even put in a camera that just takes a snapshot of who goes in and out. Once you let the employees know that they are being recorded or that there could be pictures of them, they won't likely take the stuff.

Using customized printed stickers and labels to designate certain supplies to certain workers, and keeping close tabs on everything that you have in the inventory closet can help you save a lot of money over time, and can help you stay more organized with your supplies. Do server checks to see what people are printing, and make sure you are firm with policy changes.