Four Tips For Preparing Your Boat For Winter Storage

Posted on: 24 May 2016

Storing your boat at a boat storage facility during the cold winter months helps to ensure that your boat stays as safe as it possibly can during the cold winter months. While it may be safe from theft or vandalism in the boat storage facility, there are still things you need to do to store it properly before storing it in the facility. The guide below walks you through a few things you need to do to store your boat properly in the storage facility.    

Clean Your Boat Thoroughly

You need to clean your boat thoroughly before you put it into storage. Even small crumbs can attract mice and bugs onto your boat during the cold winter months when food is scarce. Be sure to vacuum every nook and cranny of your boat before putting it into storage.

Have the Engine Winterized

Take your boat to a boat mechanic to have him or her winterize your boat's engine for you. You want to be sure that any liquids that can freeze during winter are drained out of the engine so that they do not freeze in the engine, causing it to crack as the liquids expand in the cold weather.

Put a Cover on Your Boat

Before you put your boat in the boat storage facility, be sure to put a cover on it. Many new boat owners think that storing their boat in a covered boat storage facility is enough to keep it safe from the elements. That is not the case, though. There are any times when snow, rain, and sleet can travel diagonally and get into your boat if it is not covered properly.

Secure the Wheels of the Trailer

When you park the boat in the spot assigned to you by the storage facility, take the time to secure the wheels of your trailer with wheel stops. The stops are sometimes made of wood or plastic and wedge in front of your wheels to keep them from rolling when you park the trailer.

Properly storing your boat will ensure that it will be ready to use right away during the warmer months of the year. Be sure to take the time to find out if the facility has a security system in place to keep the boats secure while they are being stored. This will give you peace of mind that your boat is safe and sound when it is in storage during winter.

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