Tips on How to Make Your Retail Store Move Easier

Posted on: 23 May 2014

Whether you are moving your retail store to a new location or you are closing it and moving your belongings to a storage unit, the move itself is complicated and difficult. Most retail stores have heavy fixtures, lightweight fixtures and boxes of merchandise that need to be moved as well as administrative office items. Moving a retail store is more complicated than moving into a new home, because many of the items need special handling. At the same time, cost is an issue, and business owners do not want to spend more than necessary to move.

Proper organization is the key to moving a business. There are three stages of moving a retail business to a new location or storage.

Organizing and Packing

In a business, your merchandise is your biggest investment and your source of income. Therefore, the first things that you should organize and pack are your merchandise. Merchandise needs to be packed in such a manner that it will be easily found and stay in new condition. These tips will help.

  • Pack merchandise in original boxes and bags if possible. These containers were chosen specifically for the merchandise, therefore will protect it well. This notion is especially true for valuables and breakables.
  • Create a packing list for your merchandise. Note each box and what it contains on your list for easy access. Organizing your merchandise will help you locate it for sale later on.
  • Label all merchandise containers with either a code or a list of what is inside. It is important to make it easy to find things after you move.
  • Keep track of the value of your merchandise, how much it retails for and how much you paid for it. That way, you know immediately what you can discount to sell it quickly.
  • To reduce merchandise before you move, have a sale. A good practice is to sell products to reclaim your investment. Remember to include shipping fees when you price items for sale.

Moving Heavy Fixtures

Depending on your moving budget, you may decide to move part of the items yourself. However, heavy fixtures need to be moved by professional movers. You must first decide whether you are keeping your fixtures. If you are not, then sell them off to other business owners. The buyers will move the items that they buy, saving you money on moving them.

Professional movers have specialties. Hire a mover that routinely moves commercial units for retail. They will know how to handle expensive fixtures and glass. The mover should supply all of the pads and protective moving equipment to keep your fixtures in excellent condition.

On the day the fixtures are getting picked up by the mover, do a quick sweep to check for anything left behind in a fixture. Make sure the units are ready to move. Most movers get paid by the hour, so you will want to get everything prepared before they come for an efficient move.

Lightweight Fixtures and Administrative Equipment

This third category can be moved by you and your staff. It is not heavy to carry, and a small group of people can move everything quickly. If you use one or more rental trucks in Seattle, you can pack and move everything at once. Then everyone can unpack it at the new location. Here are some tips to make the move easier on everyone involved.

  • Label all boxes and fixtures with a location. For instance, if you have a fixture that needs to go in the front of the new store, write "front of store" on it. Then your staff will know where to put it.
  • If you want staff to unpack the boxes, give them a list of where the contents need to go.
  • Offer staff a bonus or treat for helping with the move. Beer and pizza is a good option. Moving is hard work, and it is important to ensure that staff is appreciated for helping.
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