Save Money On Wholesale Eliquid And Supplies

Posted on: 10 January 2014

If you are looking for ways to save some money on vaping, considering purchasing wholesale eliquid and supplies. Over time, your savings will really start to add up if you shop through wholesale distributor sites for most, if not all, of your vaping supplies and e-liquid. When shopping for wholesale eliquid and vaping equipment, many distributors have a minimum purchase requirement for each item. Although you will need to purchase more of the same item at a time, you will get an excellent discount on your cost per unit. Plus you will shop for vaping supplies less frequently, which is convenient. If you are concerned about purchasing large amounts of wholesale eliquid and supplies, there is no need to worry because your items will not expire or go bad. As many experienced "vapers" already know, you can never have too much vaping equipment or vape juice. As a matter of fact, e-liquid typically improves with age, so if you must purchase more milliliters of wholesale eliquid than you normally would, you may find that it tastes better a month or two down the road. This gives the vape juice a chance to steep so the flavorings can fully integrate with the base liquid. Another option for purchasing your supplies and e-liquid from a wholesale distributor is going in on an order with a vaping friend. If you both like to use the same types of atomizers and other supplies, you can simply split the order down the middle. This way, you will still get the lowest price per unit, but you will only need to purchase your half of the supplies and e-liquid. If money is tight right now, this can be a perfect solution for both of you. When it comes to e-liquid, you can order the larger-sized bottle and split it up by pouring the e-liquid into smaller, recycled vape juice bottles that have been washed-out. If you are unsure about whether or not you will like a particular flavor, go ahead and purchase it if it is a great deal. If one or both of you do not like the flavor of the e-liquid, there are ways to use it up so your money is not wasted. Probably the easiest way to use up a large amount of wholesale-priced e-liquid is by mixing it with other flavors. For instance, if you have fifty milliliters of grape e-liquid to use up, try mixing it with another flavor that is stronger, like cinnamon or black licorice. If you mix the strong e-liquid with the disliked wholesale e-liquid at a ratio of 4:1, you can easily disguise the less-desired flavor. Plus, this method also stretches out your good e-liquid so it lasts longer. Another way to use it up is by mixing the wholesale-priced e-liquid with a few concentrated DIY flavor drops. If you sometimes craft do-it-yourself e-liquid, you may already have a few flavors that you can use to doctor-up the e-liquid. If not, you can usually buy a small bottle of flavor drops for a couple dollars, which is a very good investment to make. Concentrated flavorings last a long time because a few drops go a long way. Another option is to dilute the disliked flavor with unflavored e-liquid. Although these methods of salvaging a large bottle of e-liquid work very well for many vapers, you may not even need to worry about it if you like the flavor of the wholesale e-liquid just the way it is. Sometimes, when you see an excellent deal on wholesale equipment and vape juice, it pays to jump on it, even if you are not sure whether or not it will need to be tweaked before use. Check out sites like, for more helpful information.